If you think you tried enough, read this article

if you think you try enough

If you think you tried enough, read this article!

There is the kind of person who usually tries to do something but ultimately they do not finish it.

In the beginning, they feel excited to do and spend much time working with it, but then they are tired and distracted by other things. They give up finishing it.

Are you like them?

Do you know:

When you think you work hard in 2 hours, others just sleep in 4 hours

When you think you read 1/2 book, others read 2 books

When you think you get A is enough, others get A+

You do not need to compare yourself to others, but you should see besides to know where you are standing. It can help you have more energy to complete your works.

The most important thing here is that you apply knowledge and skills, what you learned before, in your life. Did you apply it? Did you earn money from it?

If you want to have a better future, you should try more today. If you spend all day watching films or playing games, you just get skills and knowledge in the game and the film that cannot help you in your work or life.

Try Today, better Tomorrow!!!

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